Greek Legislation Taxes Earnings, Dissuades Foreign Entry



Economically challenged Greece is continuing with implementing an iGaming design to resolve the island country's and EU member's well-publicized issues.

Taxing for Relief

The imposition of a 35% flat tax on Casino like , has a major impact on the online gambling revenue that the legislation calls for is developed to satisfy requirements - and to get approved for the cash-strapped nation's next EU approved loan tranche. The flat tax comes off as a desperate step which might frighten new operators.

Fulfilling Bailout Requirements

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The Greek Parliament resolved this concern in a Sunday vote on the omnibus financial bill, authorizing the bill in order to secure the latest round of EU bailout funds from global lenders.

The Tax

Retroactive to January 21, 2016, the flat tax changes the present 30% to 35% variable online gambling tax. The governing Syriza celebration has actually placed earnings goals for the particular procedure at $54m in tax earnings.Before you decide your tax earnings goals read.

The Environment

In the Greek market there are at this moment 24 online service providers running  under short-lived licenses issued in 2011. The most recent legislation calls for new long-term licenses to be provided to operators for an in advance charge of $3m for five years.

OPAP Support

Discouraging foreign rivals is not necessarily a bad thing to some market stakeholders in Greece. Former state-owned betting monopoly OPAP, to whom the 35% tax rate has actually currently applied, was viewed as a primary supporter of adapting the rate throughout the board in order quote to dissuade market entry from new international competition.


OPAP nonetheless has actually just recently revealed indications of fair privatization, having hired previous Ladbrokes Managing Director Damian Cope as its new CEO, with previous CEO and chairman Ziegler advancing as chairman as of July 1.

Job at Hand

Greece is currently legislating under loan sanctions imposed by the EU needing Greece to satisfy a surplus of 3.5% of its nationwide spending plan. Greece at this point is attempting to cover a continuing to be deficit of $1.5 billion in taxes by enhancing taxes on a variety of products, not just gambling.


Gaming in Holland Conference Exposes iGaming Legal Essentials


Pc gaming in Holland is coming, June 7-8, and all iGaming experts must be sure to mark the date for the full variety of legal point of views on inbound legislation.

Part of RAI Supershow

The Gaming in Holland Conference is happening as part of the  iGaming Super Show convention in Amsterdam s RAI Exhibition and Convention Center in Amsterdam.

Gaming Holland Congress is a force in its own right. A complete slate of industry experts and regulators will provide first-hand legal and legal updates to vital market verticals such as remote video gaming, land-based operations, lotteries and no deposit slots at .

New Information

New details is talked about in the context to the inbound Dutch remote video gaming expense, which undergoes Parliamentary vote not one week before this year’s GHC starts. The Gaming Congress will empower attendees with the voting results along with ramifications for secondary legislation, legal developments in the online lotto sector, and the impending privatization of Holland best  (presently scheduled for 2017).


Speakers include digital and pc gaming market specialist Robert Anderson, CEO of Swedish super marketing group Catana Media, Netherlands Gaming Authority Marja Appelman from, and Justin Franssen, co-partner at the law office of iGaming co-sponsor Kalff Katz and Franssen.


The networking opportunities will be substantial also, as GHC 2016 will provide regional, nationwide, and international market competence. CEO’s from iGaming  organizations of all sizes will share their views on and ideas for the emerging and highly attractive Dutch pc gaming market at ingenious places such as a wondrous Amsterdam canal cruise and an elegant mixer amid the elegance of the Jamie Oliver Restaurant FIFTEEN.

Local Info

As far as the Dutch market is concerned, particular material will be provided in the form of GHC sessions on information validation, marketing, affiliates, and speaker presentations on extremely hot eSports and Daily Fantasy online casino.

Master the Dutch Market

A Dutch regulation vote is on the way. Let the legal experts sort everything out for you at Holland Gaming Congress as soon as it occurs.


Betting machine gamblers 'offered benefits'


Betting shop staff state they are told to provide  gamblers benefits to keep them playing on fixed-odds betting devices, a BBC investigation has discovered.

One ex-manager stated he was advised to offer complimentary bets and drinks - in one case it was recommended he might buy lunch for high-spending customers.

Other managers we talked to said they were paid a reward if they sati sfied financial targets on the devices.

The industry states it takes responsible gambling especially Poker education online really seriously.

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) provide simple touch screen play, typically on a variation of live roulette. A study found that individuals can gamble as much as 100 per spin, in theory every 20 seconds.

'Gods of the shop'

" John", who was a supervisor at Coral till recently, said personnel were given guidelines to provide device gamers drinks as quickly as they went into the shop and do "absolutely anything" making them feel comfy when .

" If the store was too hot for them, we would need to turn the heating down or vice versa. They were the gods of the betting shop," he said.

" There was a tip from the location supervisor at one time that if we had a client coming in their lunch hour, we had to ensure they didn't waste time trying to get a cheese and ham roll instead of playing the devices. You might head out there, purchase them a cheese and ham roll and get it all set for them."

Coral said it takes its commitments to responsible gambling "exceptionally seriously". It included it had "strengthened protections for all its consumers, offering aid and support for the extremely little minority that might have issues with their  gambling activity".

John stated managers needed to meeting their device revenue target and would get a financial benefit if they did.

" I understand another firm based their whole wage on how much money they made on machines, so there was every incentive for the staff to encourage individuals," he said.

' Use a hook'

The 2 store managers, who still work for Coral, said they felt pressure to strike monetary targets on the FOBTs machines.

One passed on internal emails from Coral's central operations department about a new FOBTs Luxury Casino online game called Big Banker, which gave guidance on "smashing your targets".

It said: "Ensure your team has identified your target key consumers to show our popular feature. Deal demos such as those available to check using casino, on to all of your machine clients to whet their hunger, then encourage them to play  with their own money."

Once you have actually determined your target clients, it often helps when you use a 'hook' to motivate them to play online. 'You like Big Banker; do you have our reward card yet? It's fast, it's simple and it's complimentary.'.

Study: 'Red mist' of gambling.

Tony Franklin has had a problem with gambling on since he was a kid. He had handled to avoid of the bookies for a year, but over a number of hours 18 months earlier, he blew it all.

Having avoided high-street bookmakers for a year, he cleaned out his checking account in just an hour after a trip to the barbers. As he left he was drawn to among the numerous betting stores on his high street and one of its FOBTs.

"I was completely devastated and just entirely caught up in the gambling, in the red mist of it," he states.

His dependency has had a terrible result on his personal relationships. He had actually been due to bring his wife and child over to the UK to set up home however his costly regression put his intend on indefinite hold.

Now Tony keeps his betting shop invoices from that day as a suggestion of how quickly he can lose control when faced with temptation. He feels the industry needs to be doing more to stop addicts like him losing control.

Under the industry's code of conduct, all staff ought to be trained to determine and assist problem gamblers who are actively playing.

However, one woman, who works for another unnamed bookie, stated that did not always occur.

"I have actually never in fact been trained. All we have is a brochure and are informed to provide them out if we feel people have an issue. Working on your own at night, or even in the early morning, makes it very tough to hand out leaflets and speak to consumers who are clearly frustrated," she stated.

Malcolm George, from the Association of British Bookmakers, stated: "It is absolutely the case that anybody signing up with  and operating in a betting shop will get training about issue gambling".

Coral stated it rejected the claims made by the BBC.

It included its statement: "Recent health studies reveal that issue gambling rates have actually in fact fallen since the introduction of FOBTs and the typical Coral customer's loss per session on a FOBT is around 6-9.

" The introduction of monitored stakes above 50 from April last year has actually had an extensive modification in client behavior, with an approximate 70% decrease in stakes above that level.

" Training, tools and procedures remain in location throughout business to ensure that prospective problem gamblers are determined and protected from ."